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R-Research is dedicated to  advancing  medical science for the benifit of patients by providing expertise and infrastructure to physicians in conductance of new theraputic trials.

R-Research was founded in Apr.2000. After decades of Patient Management and Clinical Research Experience it was observed that Clinical Trials need Precision, Quality and Professional acumen that is so crucial to conduct Clinical Trials per GCP/FDA guidelines.
R Research is an International  team of very well reputed and experienced Physicians, Researchers and related Professionals from a variety of disciplines to make research fun and meaningful for all.

We conduct Phase 11-1V trials and have an extensive global network of Physicians in our network in almost all Clinical specialities with capabilities of conducting trials in almost any Medical discipline.

R resarch is headed by Dr Rizvi a practicing Endocrinologist and Faculty at UMD,NJ with extensive R& D background.

For further information please call Dr Rizvi CEO R-Research at 609-585-4267 or our Clinical Research Manager at 609-585-4268.

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Reliability in Clinical Research

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R Means Real Research

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